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Our system is a Commercial 500 system from Nelson and Pade, Inc. of Montello, Wisconsin. This consists of four (4) 500 gallon main fish tanks, biological filter tanks and clarifiers, and two (2) 8′ x 40′ raft tanks where the produce will grow.

Supporting this on the fish side is a nursery system with four (4) 50 gallon tanks and two 4′ x 6′ raft tanks to be used as start up growing beds and experimentation beds. We also have a purge system for cleanly and gently harvesting the fish.

On the produce side we have a double germination table for starting seedlings and an NFT (Nutrient Film Technology) system for grow out of the plants before placing them in the main rafts.

Once this system proves successful we hope to expand using Nelson & Pade’s ZDEP filtration system which will allow us to add two more raft tanks and a pair of media beds without adding more fish tanks. This expansion will be enclosed in a new greenhouse section connected to the existing.