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About Us



Catherine C. Davis
Co-Owner and President
Catherine was as an up-from-the-trenches Electrical Draftsperson, Designer, and Project manager for over 25 years. After retiring from a career in Electrical engineering she became interested in sustainability issues concerning water and food.


B.J. Davis



Co-Owner and Manager

B.J. has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and changed professions to Aquaponics after 32 years as a successful Architect. B.J. became interested in sustainable food producing systems during his time as a student of architecture B.J. became aware of the concept of sustainability as a whole, aquaponics and food production integrated into housing by studying the works of a group known as “The New Alchemists”.


Starting off on this new path began with doing extensive research into the science of aquaponics, fish and plant production in aquaponic systems and examining agriculture as a business. We researched successful models such as S & S Farms in Missouri, Will Allen’s Growing Power in Wisconsin and Dr. Nick Savidov’s facility at the Crop Diversification Center South in Alberta, Canada to name a few. We also studied unsuccessful models in order to learn about their problems and pitfalls in order too not only avoid them but to maintain a realistic view of what we were getting into. We read numerous books and articles; of these we found the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center publications to be especially helpful and informative. In 2010 we decided to attend Dr. James Rakocy’s weeklong class on aquaponics at the University of the Virgin Islands. Attending this class confirmed for us our decision to change careers.

Even with all of the extensive research we had done into aquaponics and agricultural business models, it soon became obvious to us that we needed expert advice in aquaponic investments and returns in order to build a successful business plan and model. While attending the UVI course we had learned of a company that could help us do this, Nelson & Pade.  We also had the opportunity to observe one of their smaller systems in action, as UVI had one that was operating at their aquaponics research center while we were there for our class. Upon contacting Nelson & Pade and having some very productive conversations with them about what we wanted to do, we decided to hire them as our consultants. They helped to us design a system that was within our budget, fit our business model, and could support a reasonable lifestyle.

We worked with John Pade and Rebecca Nelson over the course of a few months to successfully design our system, one that met our immediate goals and allowed for the future expansion we wanted. After pricing several systems, we chose to purchase our system from Nelson & Pade along with a greenhouse from Poly-Tex to house it in. The next year and a half was spent building our greenhouse and assembling the aquaponics system. We did this by ourselves with help from family, friends and the use of a few great local contractors who helped us with installing some of the subsystems we needed for our operations. Construction of the greenhouse and our system was begun towards the middle of 2012 and completed at the end of 2013. Since its completion we have been busy becoming experts in balancing and running our system, experiencing both interesting challenges and seeing the beginnings of great success.

Our career change took the form of us moving back from Canada to central Arizona with the intent of starting a commercial aquaponics business. We believe that this new business will give us the opportunity we were looking for to contribute more directly to our community and the surrounding area in which we live by creating long term and trusted partnership with all of our neighbors and business customers.  After many years of cogitation about, research into, and a year and a half of construction we are finally starting to grow fish and produce in substantial amounts. These products will be available for sale to the public by late spring of 2014.

In addition to our business Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives it is our hope that our business will become a long-term, ongoing legacy, not just for our family but also for our community. That thru our example of utilizing a sustainable agricultural model to create a viable and successful business that future generation will realize the potential for and benefit of investing back into their communities. That doing so can be financially viable while providing a rewarding lifestyle.