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New Additions to The Fish’s Garden

We recently made two new additions to the greenhouse.

We added a small ebb and flow hydroponic system to be able to grow Tomatoes, Peppers and possibly Cucumbers. It is a Flo-n-Gro Oceanus 1 system with 55 gallon reservoir and twelve 2 gallon buckets filled mostly with clay pebble media although we are trying 2 buckets with Growstones’ Hydroponic media made of recycled glass. As you can see from the pictures we have 8 tomatoes and 4 peppers in a number of varieties and sizes. All of these were started from seed in our germination table and grown out in the NFT system.

Flo 'n Gro 1

Flo 'n Gro 2


We added this system to be able to have a separate system in which we could adjust pH and nutrients to these fruiting plants needs and not affect our main system.  The system seems to be doing well but it is a daily battle to keep the pH down to around 6. We are seeing our first tomato fruit on the first plant and will add some plant supports tomorrow. A quick initial reaction on the clay pebbles vs the Growstone media. When planting the plants I found the Growstone to be very abrasive and not much fun to deal with using bare hands. The clay pebbles were much easier to work with.

The second addition is even more exciting, our second batch of fish. We received a new batch of Bluegill and Catfish from Osage Catfisheries last Thursday and they are healthy and doing well in our purge system right now. They are small (3 grams for the Bluegill and about 5 grams for the Cats) but we know they will grow quickly. Our fish in tank one were this size when we got them at the end of January and the Bluegill are now almost 25 grams and the Cats are at 50 grams average. We are hoping to see some real increase in nutrients with the second batch of fish growing.

All for now. ‘Til next time.



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